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Dewey Insurance Agency, based in Kalkaska, Michigan, has proudly served clients in the local area and across the state for over 45 years.

As an independent insurance agency, we represent a variety of companies, allowing us to tailor our services to each client's unique needs. Our dedicated team of experts collaborates to assess your insurance requirements and provide the most suitable coverage.

We specialize in home, auto, life, and commercial insurance, as well as employee benefits and HR services.

Let Dewey Insurance Agency customize the perfect insurance package for you!

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Meet The Dewey Team

Dewey Insurance Agency has over 275 years of combined experience waiting to partner with you! 

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Rodger Dewey      |      Owner

Patrick Dewey     |      Owner

Christina Dewey      Owner

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Rachel Burnette      Personal Insurance

Ext. 202   | 

Samantha Comai   Personal Lines

Stacia Davis   |    Personal Lines

Ext. 208   |

Ext. 206   |

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Barbara Drow      Personal Insurance

Susan Hunt    Personal Insurance

Ext. 217   |

Ext. 204   |

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Karlton Young   Personal Insurance

Ext. 219   |

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Erika Snedden    Commercial Insurance

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Cheryl Witowski   |   Commercial Insurance

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Darci Fitch   Employee Benefits

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Morgan Fitch  |  Employee Benefits

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Seryna Broering   Accounting

Sandra Wheelock   Administrative Support

Brooke Schepperley  Processor

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Persona Lines
Commercial Lins
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